Soenke Scharnhorst

Soenke Scharnhorst

Author Bio

Soenke Scharnhorst was born in Stuttgart in 1979 and studied business informatics at the Cooperative State University Mannheim. Since 2000, he has worked in various positions for Europe's largest software company, and is now an IT lead architect in the field of analytics. He was very influenced by his six years in Singapore as well as the numerous international cooperations. In his short stories, he writes about the fusion of culture and technology and explores the transformation of consciousness and reality in times of artificial intelligence. His works have been published in various magazines and analogies. So far, three of his short stories have appeared as c't story.

German Publications

Psychoanalyse (c't 6/07)

Sicher für die Ewigkeit (c't 1/13)

Simulacron-47 (c't 3/17)

Teleporter-Experimente (Antholgoie Buchwelt 2007)

Einwegzeitreisen (Black Sweet Stories 17)